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Get rid of stubborn fat in Los Angeles

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Get rid of stubborn fat in Los Angeles

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To perform liposuction in Los Angeles at Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we use the latest in energy-assisted technology to give your body a smooth, sculpted, slimmer look. If you want to get rid of stubborn fat around your tummy, hips, back, arms, thighs, or neck, our team of top Beverly Hills-based female plastic surgeons offers the best-tailored solution for your body goals.

We use radiofrequency, laser, and ultrasound-assisted liposuction to melt the fat, so that it is easily removed from the body. Through tiny incisions in discrete locations, our doctors use a cannula (a thin, straw-like instrument) to liquefy and remove the fat while tightening the skin from the inside, which leaves the skin smoother and more youthful looking.

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What can liposuction do?

Create a slimmer appearance

The Cassileth team works artistically to assess each person and skillfully sculpt the body to improve each patient’s physique and meet their aesthetic goals.

Remove stubborn fat

Have you tried rigorous diet and exercise and still have stubborn fat around your midsection, arms, back, breasts, or thighs? This is an ideal procedure for a slimmer physique and can directly address those trouble areas.

Make clothes fit better

Liposuction addresses bulging caused from muffin tops or bra fat and ensures your clothing fits better.

What does liposuction entail?

This surgical procedure removes fat through a cannula for a slender, trimmer body. The team of plastic surgeons at Cassileth Plastic Surgery will determine the best technique for your individual needs.

What areas does liposuction improve?

  • Thighs: To remove excess fat and slim the thighs, our doctors place incisions discreetly in the swimsuit line. It’s a great solution for saddlebags.
  • Abdomen and hips: Surgical fat reduction works especially well in these areas, minimizing love handles and a bulging tummy.
  • Breasts: Volume reduction can be used alone in certain cases or with traditional breast reduction techniques to remove excess fat from the breasts.
  • Back: Our team can sculpt the area under the armpits and the area where the bra strap falls on the back, as well as the lower back where fat is often stored.
  • Upper arms: We can achieve great results on flabby upper arms, creating a more toned look.

Will fat return in other places after liposuction?

Worrying that more fat will grow in other places is a common concern. Rest assured, fat will not return in other places. If you gain weight after liposuction, it will appear proportionally on your body. After the procedure, it will be difficult for you to gain weight in the areas where you were treated.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, try a slow weight-loss diet instead of surgery. Liposuction is best for sculpting your curves and should not be relied on for weight loss.