Dr. Killeen's Breast Lift Procedure

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Breast Lift

Address sagging and drooping breasts in Los Angeles

Breast Lift

Address sagging and drooping breasts in Los Angeles

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Many women want more youthful breasts as they age. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a great option for patients looking to improve the appearance of their breasts and correct issues from weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or time. Los Angeles-area plastic surgeons Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Kelly Killeen believe that you cannot rely on external incision to support the breast, because the skin stretches over time, and the breast can re-droop and sag. Instead, they perform an internal lift and create an internal corset using sutures to support the breast and take pressure off the skin. This lift creates a tighter, higher breast.

Many women have come to Cassileth Plastic Surgery after undergoing lifts that broke these rules, giving them worse results than they had to start with. The carefully performed breast lifts at Cassileth Plastic Surgery use internal lifting techniques and appropriate implants that can give women the lasting results they desire.

Breast Lift Before & Afters

Breast Lift incisions

Breast lift surgery corrects the overall shape and profile of a patient’s breast by addressing issues of asymmetry and sagging. Incisions can vary depending on the degree of lift necessary, from circumareolar mastopexy (around the nipple), to vertical (has a vertical scar down from the nipple), and finally to the anchor or wise pattern, which is only used with excessive sagging or large reductions (includes a scar in the breast crease).

What can a breast lift do?

Improve breast firmness

This procedure restores the breast’s natural firmness and texture. By removing any excess skin, a tighter, more youthful breast appearance is achieved.

Correct drooping or sagging

This breast surgery addresses any dropping or sagging of the breast and nipple. A lift will reposition the breast and nipple for a more natural, youthful profile and overall appearance.

What does Breast Lift surgery entail?

Many surgeons performing mastopexies use the skin to lift the breasts, creating wide scars. The breasts then begin to droop again in a matter of weeks.

Using an innovative “auto-augmentation” lift technique, Cassileth’s team of plastic surgeons use the patient’s own breast tissue to recreate full breasts in their restored position. An implant can also be placed if a larger breast is desired. However, an extremely large implant should not be used just to try to “fill up” a loose breast, as this ultimately results in a hanging, large, droopy breast.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Lift surgery?

Good candidates for mastopexy include patients with breasts that are small and deflated in appearance, with large breasts that are droopy and low, with breasts that have a hollowed appearance on the top, or with a too-low nipple position.

Breast Lift and Mommy Makeover

For many women, having children is an exciting timeā€”but in most cases, it often takes a toll on a woman’s body and leaves lasting changes. The breasts can become saggy and deflated, as can other parts of the body, especially the stomach.

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of several different procedures to help women restore their pre-pregnancy body. Usually, one of the main procedures is a breast lift. Returning your breasts to their natural, more youthful appearance, you can achieve dramatic results without the need for a breast augmentation.