Dr. Killeen's Gynecomastia Procedure

gynecomastia male breast reduction


Chest contouring male breast reduction in Los Angeles


Chest contouring male breast reduction in Los Angeles

gynecomastia male breast reduction

Development of breast tissue in men, called gynecomastia, is very common. Removal of the extra tissue (and extra skin, if needed) can be performed with outpatient surgery to restore a masculine look to the male chest. When it comes to gynecomastia in Los Angeles, Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Kelly Killeen regularly meet with men who want to know what they can do about the condition, which causes the development of breasts, and may even look like a female chest. Although the problem is common, so is the resulting feeling of embarrassment at having a chest marked by pronounced breast tissue instead of angled, muscular contours.

Male breast reduction surgery can remove the unwanted excess breast tissue to create a more defined chest. This procedure reveals more masculine contours using a combination of techniques.

What causes gynecomastia?

Hormone shifts can trigger breast development in men. The problem can result from a drop in testosterone, an increase in estrogen, or both. Because gynecomastia is tied to these chemical fluctuations, it is frequently associated with puberty. It can also be triggered by drugs (like marijuana) or supplements.

In many cases, the breasts will go away on their own as hormone levels come back into balance. Sometimes, however, the breast tissue remains.

Significant weight gain can also cause men to develop the appearance of breasts. In these situations, male breast reduction surgery is still possible, but involves more removal of fat, as opposed to breast tissue.

During your consultation Dr. Killeen will examine you to review the factors causing your gynecomastia and create a surgical solution, which may include tissue removal, liposuction, and skin tightening.

What can gynecomastia do?

Improve chest definition

Male breast reduction surgery improves the appearance of the chest by removing unwanted tissue for a more defined, masculine chest.

Correct breast asymmetry

Gynecomastia surgery can correct a “lopsided” chest by making both sides even in terms of size and shape for a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Improve overall appearance

Feel confident with your shirt off after gynecomastia surgery and enjoy an overall improvement in your body image and quality of life.

What does gynecomastia surgery entail?

For most patients, Cassileth Plastic Surgery’s male breast reduction procedures are straightforward, almost incision-less outpatient surgeries that are low risk and require little recovery. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in an area where the resulting scar will not show, then remove tissue and suction out fat as necessary. The result will be a smooth, slim, muscle-revealing chest. For patients with a great deal of excess skin, the scar is placed under the pectoral muscle shadow to remove the excess skin and fat.

Male breast reduction uses all dissolvable stitches that cannot be seen. Patients usually go back to work within days of their surgery, depending on how much tissue was removed.

Other options for men

At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we developed the Man Plan to give men cosmetic options that deliver customized results without requiring significant recovery time. Male-focused options include BROTOX for smoothing forehead lines and more, hair restoration, hair removal, and microneedling for skin rejuvenation.

Of course, all of our surgical procedures at the practice—from tummy tucks to facelifts—are also available, as are general nonsurgical treatments: dermal fillers, facials, chemical peels, CoolSculpting®, sclerotherapy, and more.