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By David Yontef, published on October 4, 2020

Beyond the Velvet Rope Podcast

Dr. Kelly Killeen from the new E Series, Dr. 90210, steps Behind The Rope.

Taking place in Beverly Hills, Dr. 90210 follows the lives and surgical practices of four power house female plastic surgeons. Dr. Killeen is one of those plastic surgeons. We welcome Dr. Killeen.

Coming from a long line of doctors in her family, Dr. Killeen stops by to chat about her Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. We discuss Dr. Killeen’s Do’s and Dont’s of plastic surgery, when too much is really “too much”, fillers, injectables, facelifts, the differences between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills’ patients and what are the trends she sees in plastic surgery today.

Dr. Killeen also fills us in on the current celebrities whose “chests” are among the most requested by her patients. Being a huge Reality TV fan herself, we discuss her neighbors down the street, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her neighbors the next town over, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

We discuss the evolution of plastic surgery on The Swan, to Nip/Tuck, to the original, all male, Dr 90210. Dr. Killeen tells us how she became involved in the current “updated” all female version of Dr. 90210, what it was like to film both her home life and complex surgeries and how her surgical office staff reacted to being part of a reality show for the E Network (hint: they were excited).

We also discuss her co-stars Dr. Michelle Lee, Dr. Cat Begovic and Dr. Suzanne Quardt. Speaking of E, we discuss that other E plastic surgery show, Botched, and Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nasif. Finally, we discuss why it was so important for Dr. 90210 to be made in 2020 with an all female cast.

Thanks for stopping by Dr. Killeen.

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