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Dr. 90210's Female Surgeons Take on Boobs, Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery & More!

By Allison Crist, published on September 24, 2020

Dr. 90210

Beauty, brains and Beverly Hills.

E!’s Dr. 90210 is finally making its return to the small screen on Monday, Sept. 28, and it’s time you got to know the new, all-female cast.

Luckily, we have a sneak peek to help you do just that!

The above clip introduces each trailblazing plastic surgeon, beginning with Dr. Cat Begovic, who proudly declares, “I pioneered vaginal cosmetic surgery.”

Then there’s Dr. Kelly Killeen, a self-described “breast specialist.”

Throughout the video, you not only get the opportunity to meet the cast, but also seem them in action.

Dr. Killeen comforts one patient, telling them, “What is going on with your body would ring true to almost any woman,” while another one asks the youthful Dr. Michelle Lee, who specializes in facial plastic surgery, how old she is.

“Don’t ever ask a woman that question,” Dr. Lee teases.

Last but definitely not least is Dr. Suzanne Quardt!

“I do it all, from the snooter to the cooter!” Dr. Quardt says before bursting into a fit of laughter.

She can also be seen talking to a patient, who tells her she doesn’t want her husband to ever see her naked.

“You are so young and beautiful,” Dr. Quardt responds. “You should not be hiding.”

As the clip continues, you get a glimpse at additional patients, and with that comes many expressions of gratitude for the surgeons.

As Dr. Quardt put it, “It’s about fixing issues. It can cure a person on the inside.”

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